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  • April 25, 2020
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It’s true – you’ll have to wait till the circuit breaker is over to see us in person and get your aesthetic treatments done. But don’t let that stop you from asking us the questions you have in your mind over a tele-consultation! Let us clear up any doubts so that we can better plan for your future treatment.

How does an aesthetic tele-consultation work?

A tele-consult involves a face-to-face video consult via phone or your laptop / pc with our doctor. Tele-consultations are regulated by the Ministry of Health (since 2017), and strongly encouraged due to the outbreak. 

A tele-consult with Mizu involves using MOH-approved clinic software called Plato, which runs on a secure and encrypted server. This system allows for seamless patient registration, payment, and video consult all under one platform. (Online consultation is complimentary with Mizu and her sister clinics at the moment.)

Process and steps involved when registering for a tele-consult include:

  • Making an appointment with us through our whatsapp or social media (@mizuaesthetic)
  • After appointment confirmation, you will receive an email to pre-register your details online  
  • It is best to send us photos (taken under sufficient lighting, preferably daylight) for better assessment prior to the consultation
  • Upon completion: an email with instructions to download PlatoConnect will along with a key required to access the session
  • Simply open up PlatoConnect, or click the link to assess it through a browser (Chrome is preferred). Enter the key given to start the session.

2. What do I get over a tele-consultation?

Most questions regarding the procedures and what can address your concerns will be answered by our doctors. They can also recommend procedures that would be of most benefit to you.

It’s easy to get an aesthetic teleconsultation with Mizu – all you need is a phone an an app!

The objective of a teleconsult is to:

  • Understand your concern(s)
  • Identify the causes (if any)
  • Suggest solutions or tailor a treatment plan for you
  • Explain the treatment / treatment plans, e.g process, potential side-effects, aftercare etc.
  • To answer any of your questions regarding said treatment, and to help you feel comfortable moving forward

The recommended procedure might change if our doctor feels a different approach might be better for you when we see you in person. An in-depth explanation and your comfort are ensured before proceeding.

For example: Pigmentation might look different under certain lighting in a picture/video, as compared to an in-clinic machine skin analysis. A laser may have been suggested initially, but a more suitable one may be recommended after close examination.

What should I prepare for the tele-consultation?

  • A thorough medical history. This includes medication you are currently on, allergies, as well as any aesthetic procedures done, and when.
  • If you have a ring light, use it! It would be most ideal to show the skin and facial features, or ample natural light would be good too. Sit facing the light source to illuminate your face. A clear picture allows us to assess your skin and facial features more accurately for better recommendations.
  • Ensure that you are make-up free for skin consults.
  • Clear pictures sent to us prior to our video call. This allows us to assess and formulate a plan for you before the tele-consultation
  • Lastly, make sure your video and mic are working! If you are in a noisy place, use an ear piece with a microphone.

How can payment be made for services / products purchased?

You will get an invoice detailing products and services recommended post-consultation. Our customer service person will also attend to any enquiries you may have.

PayNow and Bank Transfers are supported.

Are tele-consultations secure, should I worry about privacy during the consult?

Ensure that you are on password-protected Wi-Fi to log onto our secure tele-consulting server. There should not be any major concerns with video consulting as Plato simply works as a real-time conduit. 

With regards to photos, the Singapore PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) applies for medical tele-consulting. These photos are to be kept on a secure server for our reference only, and not shared with anyone.

Is telemedicine here to stay?

Tele-consulting will definitely receive a boost in acceptance during this period. Due to the nature of our practice, physical appointments remains our doctors’ preferred choice for accuracy. It is also more personal as our doctors are able to physically examine skin and facial features from multiple angles.

Moving forward, we understand the apprehension about coming in a consult or lack the time to do so. Tele-consultations allow you to speak to our doctor(s) in the comfort of your own home on a flexible schedule. This period has allowed us to adopt tele-consultations sooner, and it might be here to stay to compliment our services.

If you have any further questions, drop us a note on @mizuaesthetic or simply whatsapp us at 9384 8915!

Mizu’s tele-consultation for the CB period takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, between 11am – 1pm and 3-6pm. See you soon!

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