What’s Thermage Eye and how does it work?

Thermage Eye employs the use of radiofrequency current to heat up the skin around the eye. The heat from is calibrated specifically to treat the fragile thin skin of the eyelids. This results in controlled inflammation that changes the structure and increases the quantity of Type I and Type III collagen in the treated areas.

The upper eyelids are lifted due to increased elasticity and tautness of the skin, the skin where crow’s feet usually form is thickened with collagen produced by your own body, The lower eyelid lines are reduced due to the filling effect of collagen.

This all results in a rejuvenated periorbital (around the eyes) area, and allows the beauty of the eyes to be highlighted.

How is the procedure done?


The doctor will first assess if you are suitable for periorbital rejuvenation with Thermage – he will do a clinical examination as well as ask you some questions regarding prior treatments to the eye area. If you are suitable, numbing cream will be applied to the areas being treated for 20-30 minutes. Anaesthetic eye drops will then be instilled into both eyes and a sterile cornea shield (a protective contact lens) will be inserted to protect the cornea and globe of the eye.

How long will the procedure take?

The actual procedure will take 20 minutes where the doctor will administer pulses of radio frequency, coupled with a cryogen cooling mist to treat the areas involved.

The protective corneal shield will then be removed.

How long will I see the results?

There are no immediate effects after the treatment, collagen takes time to be produced by the body. Significant improvements will be seen 8 – 12 weeks after treatmenta lifted upper eyelid, a reduction in lines around the eye and tauter skin in the periorbital area.

How long is the downtime? and are there any pre and post-procedure care to take note of?

There is no clinical downtime for the procedure. You must not wear contact lenses for 24 hours before the procedure and a further 24 hours after the procedure.

Is Thermage eye safe?

Thermage for the eye area has been done thousands of time across the world with no reported significant eye injury. It is a safe procedure that stimulates your body to produce its own collagen for periorbital rejuvenation.

How long does it last?

In most cases, the effects last 12-18 months but can vary from person to person depending on age, the exposure to skin toxins such as UV light and cigarette smoke.

Can Thermage Eye be combined with other treatments?

This procedure is commonly combined with botulinum A toxin injections and dermal filler injections to give an overall better improvement. The doctor will advise you on the sequence of which this should be done. Do inform the doctor if you have had any medical or cosmetic procedures done near the eye before.