V Shape Face Treatments

Depending on your current face shape, there are different treatments that you could do to give you a v-shape face!

  • Jaw Botox/Dysport
  • Chin Fillers
  • Ultraformer HIFU
  • Face Threadlifts

Jaw Botox

The first in consideration for anyone looking for a v-shape face or to reduce a strong jawline, jaw btx can also help to reduce teeth grinding activity and migraines caused by it!

The b. toxin relaxes the masseter muscles, which slowly shrinks in size from not being used, therefore resulting in a sharper face shape.

It takes about 3-4 weeks for best results, and can be used together with some other v-shape face treatments listed on this page.

Chin Fillers

Fillers are instantaneous, and amazingly satisfying. As they provide volume for the deficient areas and is also used to build a sharper chin, they are suitable for people with:

  • Rounded chins
  • Squared chins
  • Recessed chins
  • Short chins

Chin fillers help to build a more balanced profile for those with the above condition. One would typically require anything between 0.5 – 2ml for chin augmentation, depending on the existing chin shape.

Ultraformer HIFU

The Ultraformer HIFU not only lifts and tightens, it also helps to melt excess fat. The efficacy of this treatment is due to the fact that it can target the SMAS layer, which is usually used by surgeons for surgical face lifts.

The HIFU can be a complementary treatment with a jaw muscle reduction treatment for those with chubbier cheeks, or sagging jowls.

The treatment is performed by a doctor, and usually done only once a year.

Face Threadlift

A face threadlift is done using threads made of the same material as surgical sutures. The threads will eventually be reabsorbed by your body over the course of a few months.

The threads contains barbs, which when inserted into the face and pulled up, provide a mechanical and instant lift which will be suitable for those with a chubby yet saggy face shape.