Non-Surgical Eye Treatments at Mizu

Different eye conditions usually require different solutions – at Mizu, we discuss your issues first, before making the best recommendation for you. Here are some of our more popular eye treatments available.

Eye Botox

Botox for eyes are usually done as a preventive measure – before the fine lines become static lines, botulinum toxin is injected to relax the muscles and ease muscle movement. The amount of toxin can be adjusted accordingly to prevent a frozen look. Botox can also be done on the aegyo-sal, to shrink overly-bulging muscles and making you look more refreshed.

Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Dark eye circles & tear troughs can be defined by:

  • Deficiency of volume under the eye area
  • Pigmentation under the eye area
  • A combination of both loss of volume and pigmentation
Undereye Fillers

Fillers are commonly used to replenish volume in areas of volume deficiency around the face. When the under eye area is filled, the shadow casted are less obvious, and the eyes look less tired on the overall. Tear troughs are also commonly corrected with fillers.

Lasers for Under eye areas

Lasers can also be done on the undereye area to help lighten pigmentation typically caused by sinus conditions.