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Refine pores and achieve bright, glowy skin with Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling energy devices, such as the Sylfirm X, uniquely combine and improve upon the traditional benefits of both radiofrequency therapy and microneedling into one treatment. It is clinically proven to safely and effectively address a number of issues. This includes wrinkles, fine lines, redness, acne scarring, large pores, and dull skin.

RF microneedling has become our doctors’ favourite skin rejuvenation procedure due to the many benefits it provides. Two of the most obvious skin improvements that Mizu has seen with RF microneedling are:

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    The obvious reduction in pore size
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    Accompanied by soft, glowy skin after the procedure

How does it improve the texture of your skin?

RF microneedling marries two popular skin rejuvenation treatments, microneedling and radiofrequency to help achieve these skin goals. It improves texture and reduces the appearance of pores as well as vascular and pigmentary lesions. Skin is smoother, brighter and looks younger as a result.

Treating pores with RF microneedling

What are big, obvious pores caused by?

Clogged Skin
Acne-prone and oily skin usually results in frequently clogged pores. This may develop into acne pustules & papules, which stretches the pores and skin. Clogged pores that are not exfoliated or removed may cause skin to lose elasticity and become permanently enlarged. Previous acne would also have caused damage to the skin, which results in ‘tougher’ and less supple skin.

Skin Laxity
As we age, our skin loses elasticity as the amount of collagen decreases over time. As the skin becomes loose, it loses its ‘tightness’ around the pores resulting in larger pore size.

How does RF microneedling treat enlarged pores?

RF microneedling treats large pores similarly to how it is used to treat acne scars.

First, the controlled damage caused by the microneedles invokes a healing process. This stimulates the collagen production during the healing process, tightening the area and minimising pores. At the same time, the radiofrequency energy transmitted through the microneedles further stimulates collagen production and remodels the laxity of the skin surrounding the large pores. The adjustable depth of the microneedles allows different layers of the skin to be targeted for a better effect.

Deeper Depths

Skin volumisation to give the skin a soft, dewy feel.

Middle Depths

Collagen stimulation to tighten skin and minimise pores.

shallower Depths

Resurfacing of skin surface to smoothen texture and stimulate skin renewal effects for glowy skin.

Glowy, radiant skin with RF microneedling

What causes dull, pigmented skin?

Melanin is the pigmentation that is responsible for the colouration of the skin. They are formed by special cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin. Melanocytes then migrate to other nearby skin cells and shows up on our skin. Internal (genetics/age) or environmental factors (sun exposure) can alter the amount of melanin in certain areas. This gives rise to pigmentation disorders such as freckles or melasma, which are often negatively associated with ageing.
Redness in the skin is usually associated with telangiectasia – broken or widened capillaries near the surface of the skin. Pigmentary disorders can have both intrinsic and extrinsic causes for their occurrence.

How does RF microneedling treat pigmentation and dull skin?

With the “Pulsed Wave” setting, radiofrequency energy is introduced into the skin in the form of multiple pulses. This particular setting allows structural changes to occur within the skin.

The activity of melanocytes are reduced – preventing hyperactivity or abnormal formation of pigmentation
The basal layer of the skin is strengthened and similarly prevents further melanocyte hyperactivity
Abnormal vessels are targeted and can reduce redness as well as certain pigmented conditions such as melasma
These changes translate into the reduction in redness and pigments and leaves a brighter and dewier effect that is desired.

other advantages

RF microneedling reduces lines and wrinkles by tightening and repairing the basement membrance of the skin.

Energy from RF microneedling can reduce the activity of oil glands in the skin. This results in less oil production, which also reduces the chances of clogged pores.

RF microneedling also kills off bacteria that may fester acne issues. Accompanied with the reduction of oil/sebum, RF microneedling may also control and treat acne.

One of the BIGGEST advantages of RF microneedling is the reduced downtime. Traditional pore minimising procedures such fractional lasers require about 5-7 days of downtime such as redness and scabbing. RF microneedling, because of its controlled energy and very small needles, has a much reduced downtime of 1-2 days.

What happens during the procedure?

First, your skin will be gently cleansed before you are taken for a skin analysis. A thorough consultation with a registered medical professional will be done prior to any treatment.
Once your treatment has been discussed and agreed upon, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Reapplication of the numbing cream may be reapplied depending on treatment and pain tolerance. The topical anaesthetic is then removed after an adequate time has passed before the procedure is carried out.

Our doctor will then ensure that your skin is clean before carrying out the treatment. The RF microneedling tip will be firmly rested upon your skin firmly before every shot. Each shot sends radiofrequency energy via the microneedles that will be pushed into your skin. Treatments typically last for 20 minutes.

After the treatment is over, a cold gel and light therapy may be introduced to help reduce redness and aid healing.

How many sessions will I need?

As each person’s skin type and scarring is different, the number of sessions needed and the improvements seen in each session do depend on how your skin reacts to RF microneedling. The depth, power settings and the frequency between treatments would generally determine how quick or visible the improvements are. On average, the number of treatments are 2 or 3 times lesser than what other traditional procedures will require.

Side effects & aftercare

In general, side effects are minimal and are usually limited to:
  • Group 176
    Erythema (Redness)
  • Group 176
    Very mild swelling at higher energy settings
  • Group 176
    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (uncommon)
Most patients typically experience 1 – 3 days of downtime. One may experience mild erythema or swelling. Longer downtime can be observed for those treating acne scarring, which typically requires treatment at deeper depths.
Improvements to the scars tend to be observed around a month after the treatment as time is needed for new collagen formation and remodelling to occur.

A topical cream is usually prescribed to patients to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation and infection. This should be applied diligently for the first few days. Adequate sun protection and moisturisation are also key for faster recovery and to reduce the chance of side effects.

It is also the best time to apply skincare with healing benefits such as stem cell serums, or hydrating sheet masks!

Can RF microneedling be combined with other treatments?

Most definitely! However, not all treatments can be done together on the same day.

RF microneedling can be combined with other energy based devices or injectables for better or enhanced results, such as:

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