What is a Pro Yellow Laser treatment?

The German-engineered Quadrostar ProYellow Laser is an improved version of the commonly used DualYellow/Combination laser at some clinics. Due to its special wavelength of 577nm, the ProYellow laser represents the gold standard for vascular treatments and epidermal pigmentation treatments.

The Quadrostar ProYellow Laser has been a huge hit since its introduction due to its ability to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels for long-lasting results.

The ProYellow Difference

The main difference between the ProYellow laser and other skin rejuvenation lasers is its unique wavelength. Compared to its predecessor, the DualYellow/Combination laser, the ProYellow laser has a specific wavelength of just 577nm, instead of a mixture of 532nm (green) and 577nm (pure yellow light).

visible light wave length for lasers

This specific wavelength of 577 nm means that the ProYellow Laser can be used to safely treat various conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, red acne marks, uneven skin tone etc, as the wavelength of 532nm is believed to leave Asian skin more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation.  


pro yellow laser target

“The majority of visible unwanted skin spots, discolorations or redness (blood vessels), are rooted in a deeper vascular network of veins that that extend beyond the treatable depth of traditional green (532nm) lasers. Not addressing these areas can result in recurrence and the inability to effectively treat deeper pigmented and vascular issues.”

What is it used for, and how does the ProYellow Laser work?

The ProYellow laser is very versatile, like our Q-switched laser treatments. It is used for a variety of conditions such as pigmentation, facial flushing, acne treatment, post acne redness, skin brightening and rejuvenation, etc.

Vascular Conditions

Vascular lesions are caused by small, dilated capillaries. They can appear as red spots, or visible threads on the skin. The Pro Yellow laser can readily treat think by shrinking the vessels with its yellow light, with no damage to the capillaries.

  • Facial/nose veins and blood vesselsthe ProYellow Laser has the highest rate of absorption in red blood cells compared to any other lasers. This results in the reduction of unsightly veins or blood vessels on the face, especially common on the cheeks and nose.
  • Redness and rosaceaRedness and rosacea are caused by dilated (bigger in size) blood vessels. The ProYellow laser effectively reduces the size/or completely eliminates these blood vessels, therefore resulting in reduced redness and a more even complexion.
  • Red marks after acneThese red marks are also known as PIE (Post- inflammatory Erythema) or Erythema post-acne. The red marks formed due to increased blood circulation at badly-inflamed areas such as moderate to severe acne and persist even after the acne heals. The ProYellow laser can very effectively reduce these red marks by reducing the blood vessels in these areas.
  • Cherry angiomas, Telangiectasia, etc.

Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation 

The ProYellow laser is the first laser that offers two options for treating pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. The scanner handpiece for larger areas and more diffused pigmentation, and the individual spot handpiece for targeted lesions/spots.

  • Pigmentation such as melasma, sun/age spots, freckles – Due to its unique wavelength, the energy from the ProYellow laser is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and the underlying blood vessels. This results in breakdown of pigments and at the same time, reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments. This will prevent these skin cells from producing pigments and ensure longer-lasting results.
  • Skin rejuvenationApart from reducing redness and pigmentation, the ProYellow laser’s energy is also absorbed into the dermis (skin layer) to treat and improve the skin’s support structure. Skin will look brighter and feel tighter with just 1 treatment.


The yellow light energy from the ProYellow laser treats acne caused by P.acne bacteria by killing these bacteria, and at the same time reduces redness caused by inflammation.  The ProYellow laser also shrink sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil).

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FAQS: ProYellow Laser

The most frequently asked questions about the treatments, answered!
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FAQs: Pro Yellow Laser

How long does it take?

A treatment typically last between 20-30mins, depending on the condition or treatment area.

Is it painful?

The ProYellow laser does not require as much energy as other lasers, and in turn treatments are much more comfortable.

How many treatments are required?

Results can be seen as little as 1 treatment, especially for vascular conditions and skin rejuvenation. Pigmentations might require more than 1 treatment.

Optimal results are typically obtained after 4 monthly treatments.

Is there any downtime?

There is none to minimal downtime. A pinkish flush might be present for 20-30mins.

However, with freckles or individual spot treatments, these pigments might darken slightly for a few days before lightening.

What is the difference between the Q-switched laser vs ProYellow laser?

Both lasers operate at different wavelengths.

At 1064nm, the Q-switched laser targets deeper pigments such as dermal pigments, mostly brown acne marks, Post-inflammatory pigmentations, and dermal melasma. The Q-switched laser also cleans the skin by removing dirt, dead skin cells, and superficial hair. Read more about our Q-switched laser here.

At our clinic, Dr Tan has devised various protocols for different conditions. When used in combination, the ProYellow laser and the Q-switched laser both complement each other to treat and improve the efficacy of our laser treatments.  Results are usually longer lasting when these lasers are used in combination.