Help, I have big pores! What can I do to get rid of them?

The Venus Viva is one of the best procedures to minimise pores in regards to the results and reduced downtime. 

The Venus Viva works by delivering radiofrequency energy into the skin through groups of needle-shaped pins, and penetrates deep into the tissue. This creates micro-channels of injury in the skin, stimulating the skin’s own wound healing response to create new collagen, causing this skin area to contract and tighten pores. 

Why is the Venus Viva perfect for minimizing pores?

For enough collagen to be stimulated and pores to shrink, ablative procedures are the most effective procedures with long lasting results. An ablative procedure is a procedure where the skin is partially injured, which results in healing and collagen stimulation. 

There are 2 ways an ablative procedure work; ablation and coagulation.

Ablation indicates how deep the injury of the skin would be, and coagulation indicates on how much of the skin contracts. 

The Venus Viva is perfect for minimizing pores because the ablative depth targeted by the tiny needles are at the depth of where our pores are situated. This ensures that the pores are directed targeted and maximises the effect of the procedure. In addition, because the Venus Viva utilised radiofrequency energy instead of laser energy, there is more coagulative effect with the Venus Viva. This coagulative effect is responsible for contracting and tightening the skin and pores on the surface.

The Venus Viva not only helps with pore minimizing, but it also helps improve skin laxity and fine lines. As we age, our skin becomes looser and our pore size becomes bigger as the skin around the pores become lax. Improving skin laxity with the Venus Viva will also help shrink your pores at the same time.

The results of the Venus Viva are long-term. Non-ablative lasers help shrink pores temporarily without downtime as they apply heat over the skin to cause contraction. However, this heat does not last and the pore return to its original size after a few weeks.

The Venus Viva, being an ablative procedure, minimize pores by stimulating the skin itself to tighten with NEW collagen. This collagen does not disappear over the next few weeks and results are long-term. This new collagen will undergo the aging process just like the rest of the skin over time.

Advantages of the Venus Viva over other ablative lasers for pore refining

  1. The main advantage of the Venus Viva is that it specifically targets on the depth of skin that the pores are at. This will thoroughly ensure that the results for pore reduction is at its maximum.
  2. Another advantage of the Venus Viva is that it has a shorter downtime compared to traditional ablative lasers. For pore refining, downtime is an average of 2-3 days of mild pinkish skin and slight dryness. There is also minimal peeling with the Venus Viva pore refining protocol.
  3. The Venus Viva, unlike traditional ablative lasers, is safer and more suitable for Asian skin and darker skin patients as the risk of hyperpigmentation after the Venus Viva procedure is much lower that other lasers due to its patented SMARTSCAN™ technology.

What other benefits does the Venus Viva has?

  • Reduce acne scarring
  • Treats active acne
  • Reduces fine lines 
  • Increase skin renewal
  • Improves skin texture and radiance

What is the downtime?

Downtime of the Venus Viva varies according to treatment. On average, you will experience 2 – 3 days of mild pinkish skin. There can be mild peeling of the skin for patients with dryer skin. 

For treatment of deep acne scars, downtime will be longer as the treatment protocol requires a stronger power. Downtime is usually redness for 3 days and a 2-3 days of pinkish skin after. There can be peeling of the skin from the third day. 

Is it painful?

With numbing cream on for 30mins, the Venus Viva pore refining protocol is very comfortable. 

For stronger procedures like acne scarring, you might be able to feel small pricks on the skin even after application of numbing cream. However, these pricks are very tolerable and much less uncomfortable compared to a traditional ablative laser.

How many sessions do I need?

You will see results after every session. Results will take 3-4 weeks after the procedure to show.

For best results, the treatment should be done 4-6 times, 4-6 weeks apart.

What should I do before and after the treatment?

Before the Venus Viva procedure, do not expose yourself to long period under the sun 1 week prior. It is also advised to perform a facial with extraction before a pore refining procedure as it is impossible to shrink pores when they are clogged with dirt and oil. The facial can be done 3-7 days before the Venus Viva procedure.

Avoid periods under strong sun for at least 2 weeks. Daily moisturisation and sufficient masking will also improve results. Avoid scrubbing and exfoliation for 1 week after the procedure.