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HIKO Nose threads vs Nose Fillers, or both?

Nose thread lift in Singapore, especially HIKO nose threads in particular, have gained good popularity. Patients these day tend to ask which is better or a more cost-effective option – nose threads vs nose fillers?

Every individual’s nose is different. Some noses are more suitable for thread lifts, while some will benefit more from fillers.

So how do we identify which noses are more suitable for which procedure? Here are some common nose augmentation situations:

I want a higher nose bridge:

If you have a lower/flat nose bridge, fillers still make a better option as it provides a flat nose bridge with volume and shape.

For a very noticeable increase in nose bridge height/volume, more threads will be required for satisfactory results and that may not be cost-effective. Nose fillers might be a better option for these patients. Nose threads will be better suited for an individual who already has some height to their bridge, but just want more definition.`

I want a contoured nose:

Nose threads are very effective when it comes to creating a sharper and more defined nose.

Just like how many people contour their noses with makeup, getting threads for the nose can help you achieve this effect by giving it a lift from the nose bridge down till the tip.

I want a sharper/smaller nose tip:

Nose threads are more effective at creating a sharper nose tip than fillers. Most nose threads are designed with small tiny anchoring points (also known as cogs, or barbs) along the threads. These anchoring points lift the nose up and makes the nose tip sharper and smaller.

Too much fillers can actually cause the nose tip to look bigger. Certain fillers can also shift or spread over time, causing the nose to look broader instead! With threads, there is a smaller increase in volume and a scaffolding / tenting effect. This results in a sharper, more lifted tip compared to fillers.

I want a straighter nose:

Some people have bumps or ‘dents’ on their noses. This uneven-ness on the nose can be corrected with either fillers or threads.

The final choice of using either fillers or nose threads for bumps and dorsal humps will depend on the area of the bump/depression, individual condition and desired effect. At Mizu, we understand that everyone is unique and it’s never a one-fits-all solution. We will discuss all possible options with you, and advise you on the possible outcomes before proceeding.

frequently asked questions

A combination of fillers and nose threads can used for more dramatic effect, depending on individual existing condition(s). Fillers can give you the desired height for the bridge first, and threads will then be used to improve contouring of the nose and lift the tip. Results with a combination of fillers and threads usually last much longer (12-18 months) and can be repeated when it goes off.

Nose threads are made of PDO / PLLA – material used for surgical sutures which gets absorbed by the body. Nose threads typically last 9-12 months, depending on type of material used, lifestyle and how your body reacts to it. 

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers last an average of 9 – 12 months depending on lifestyle and body absorption rate. Non-HA fillers can last longer, between 18 – 24 months.

Nose threads and hyaluronic-based fillers are not permanent. The threads and HA-based fillers will be absorbed by the body within 9 – 12 months. Fillers can also be dissolved.

It is important to discuss with your doctor about the desired outcome before choosing either one. Both the doctor’s skills and types of threads/fillers matter in achieving a certain outcome, so be sure to go for a consult for an informed decision.

There are many factors to consider. Desired effect, initial nose shape, a combination of fillers and threads or just threads alone? At Mizu, we use between 6 – 10 threads per procedure, depending on type of threads used.

Nose threads will not cause blindness. Blindness after fillers is a very rare complication. Nose threads do not block blood vessels or arteries to the eye, so there is no such worry.

Nose threads cost just a little more than fillers – please contact us for price enquiries!

Make an appointment for a consult with Dr. YZ Tan or email us should you have any further enquiries about nose thread lifts! It’s easier to decide after you get a consult with an experienced professional. ; )

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