The HIFU Eye is performed using the Ultraformer III with a unique hand piece – The 2.0mm, or “MF2” hand piece is the only 2mm hand piece available for any HIFU procedure in the market! 

This slim handpiece is designed to safely reach parts of the face inaccessible by previous bulkier designs. When done on the eye area, it reduces fine lines and tightens skin around the eyes, forehead, and brows.

How HIFU Works

A HIFU works by delivering pinpoint ultrasound energy to layers under the skin. This energy heats up these layers without damaging the surface of the skin.

Collagen stimulation is achieved by the heat energy, and occurs over time. In some cases, it also reduces fat, improves fine lines and tightens loose skin.
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The difference between energy output with different handpieces

As all HIFU users will know, HIFUs come with different handpieces. The standard handpieces are the 1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm for the face. The differences in these handpieces are not only the depth, but also the maximum power available.  

Power setting for the 3mm and 4.5mm are nearly 4 times more powerful than the 1.5mm. This is because the 1.5mm is very superficial and if settings are too high, the procedure will actually burn the skin. Therefore, results for the 1.5mm are not as significant compared to the 3 and 4.5mm

Why the 2mm handpiece was chosen

There are 2 main benefits of the 2mm (MF2) over the 1.5mm:

Ultraformer device describing how it works
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    The 1.5mm handpiece is bigger and bulkier for usage on the forehead and bigger areas. Designed to fit the contours of the eye area, the 2mm handpiece is smaller and slimmer for better handling.
  • 2
    Power settings for the 2mm handpiece is also 2 times stronger than the 1.5mm. This deeper depth ensures that the increase in power does not damage the surface of the skin, at the same time creating more heat energy to stimulate more collagen for better results.

Areas you can treat with the Ultraformer MF2 Handpiece

  • Group 176
    Lines around the eyes
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    Eye bags
  • Group 176
    Saggy Eyelids
  • Group 176
    Mini Brow Lift
  • Group 176
    Other areas such as Forehead lines & Peri-Oral areas (Mouth wrinkles)
Areas the HIFU MF2 can treat on woman's face

Lines under our eyes are usually caused by loose skin. The Ultraformer III MF2 handpiece reaches this area and deliver ultrasound energy to tighten the skin. This reduces the fine lines over time without the need of injections. Lines due to excessive facial expressions or loss of volume however, might benefit more from botox or filler procedures. 

Puffy eye bags can also occur due to saggy skin, bulging fat pads from under the skin or both. The Ultraformer III helps reduce puffy eye bags by tightening the skin around the area, and reduce the fatty tissue to a certain extent at the same time. The most effective way to remove eye bags is still a surgical procedure.

For those who do not want an invasive procedure, the Ultrafomer III HIFU can be an alternative with much lesser risks and downtime as compared to surgery.

frequently asked questions

Usually, just one session. For puffier eye bags, one can get a second session 3 months later.

For the under eyes, sides of eyes, and brows: an average of 300-400 shots are used. 

The MF2 procedure is a separate procedure from a full face HIFU as it is a unique standalone treatment. It can be done on the same day as a full-face procedure.

The MF2 handpiece is very comfortable when compared to the other HIFU handpieces. 

Only numbing cream is neededd, and one may feel small, warm and prickling sensation during the procedure.

There has been little to no side effects observed with the Ultraformer III HIFU Eye handpiece. It only affects the skin around the eye and does not compromise vision as long as it is done properly. 

There is no to minimal downtime even after the procedure as the energy targets deeper under the skin and is not visible from the surface.

As time is required for collagen to be produced, It takes 10-12 weeks for results to show. Some immediate results can be observed from the heat.

For more severe conditions, a 2nd session might be required after 3 months for better results.


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