HIFU Body Fat Reduction & Tightening

Stubborn fat cells are difficult to burn off, even through strenuous exercises and extensive weight loss regimes.

The Ultraformer III uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to create high heat energy that destroys targeted fat. This can be done in areas such as the arms, inner thighs, bra fat, flanks, and double chin.

Being a focused ultrasound device, the Ultraformer III delivers concentrated ultrasound energy into different layers of the skin and body without damaging the surface of the skin. It creates energy of up to 75 Degrees Celcius and focuses it on adipose(fatty) tissue. This results in a reduction in volume of adipocytes (fat cells), and at the same time helps stimulate collagen formation to tighten the skin.

Liposuction vs HIFU Body Fat Reduction

Invasive surgical procedures like liposuction carries surgical risks such as scarring, keloid formation, infection, and in some cases even death. There have been many horror stories of liposuction going wrong resulting in unwanted consequences.
Unlike surgical fat reduction procedures, the Ultraformer III treatment is non-invasive and much safer. Although results from surgical procedures are more obvious, it can potentially come at a high price with the risks associated. Downtime associated with liposuction is also very long and painful.
Other than less risks, the Ultraformer III also targets collagen production to tighten the skin, other than . This provides better results than surgical liposuction alone, as areas after liposuction usually have looser skin which requires further treatment.

HIFU Body Fat Reduction vs other non-invasive treatments

Other non-invasive fat reduction procedures such as radiofrequency and lasers also work by using heat energy. However, the energy from these procedures cannot be too high so that the skin does not get damaged. The HIFU works by only generating energy under the skin and targeting on the fat layer.

The Ultraformer III is unique and effective in targeting different areas on the body with stubborn fat. It is equipped with different handpieces designed to deliver ultrasound energy to different depths of the skin and body.

Due to the varying skin thickness and tissue at different body areas, the fat layer varies in depth too. Areas such as the abdomen or inner thighs can have thicker and deeper fatty tissue compared to the arms/bra areas. These different areas will require different handpieces that target different depths for the best results.

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Ultraformer III – Handpieces for body

The Ultraformer III not only comes with the standard HIFU 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm handpieces. It also comes with:

New 2mm handpiece for the eye and brow areas,

6mm handpiece for the double chin, arms and bra areas

9mm and 13mm handpieces for deeper areas such as the tummy, flanks and inner thigh areas.

This allows precise heating and higher energy power without worrying about damaging the surface of the skin.

Fat freezing works similarly to the HIFU because it only targets the fats. The HIFU uses heat while the fat freeze uses cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. However, the HIFU has the additional ability to target the collagen layer of the skin to tighten it while destroying fat!

frequently asked questions

The number of shots depend on the size of the area. Typically for body areas, the number of shots per area range from 800-1200shots per session

Not everyone is suitable for this procedure. Patients with BMI above 30, or has pinch-able fats of more than 3cm will not benefit from this procedure.

The most suitable patients are those with pinch-able fats of 1cm or more.

There is minimal downtime or side-effects with the Ultraformer III when used for fat reduction. Some puffiness may occur for 2-3 days and the treated area can feel sore for about a week.

Bruising can occur but is rare.

You can feel some pricks of heat under the skin.

Numbing cream is applied, but this does not eliminate the sensation fully as it only works for the upper skin layer.

Areas the HIFU Body can target:

Double chin – 4.5mm + 6mm
Flabby arms – 4.5mm + 6mm +/- 9mm
Bra fat – 6mm
Flanks – 6mm + 9MM
Tummy – 13mm
Inner thighs – 6mm + 9mm

Complementary Procedures

Although no other treatments works like the HIFU, there are other treatments that can work in combination for remarkable results. Combining the Ultraformer III HIFU with the BTL Exilis Elite can provide patients with body fat reduction and skin tightening and cellulite reduction. This is particularly perfect for post-pregnancy women. (link for BTL)

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