EvolveX Body Toning

Evolve X: All-in-one system that reduces fats, tightens skin & sculpts muscles

Tighten, tone & transform your body

What if you could reap the benefits of cardio and strength training without logging tons of hours at the gym? A revolutionary device in body contouring, EvolveX is a non-invasive treatment designed to effectively sculpt the body by remodelling the skin and toning muscles. 

How does EvolveX work?

Using 6 hands-free applicators, the EvolveX Transform mode deploys a synergistic combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to remodel skin, target fat tissue, and tone muscles for all body types.
Evolve X Machine Device

Bipolar RF energy targets fats and tightens skin

The RF energy delivers uniform and volumetric bulk heating to the skin and subdermal layer, the layer where subcutaneous fats are.

This controlled heating from the RF energy targets and destroys fat cells for circumferential reduction, while at the same time stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer to tighten skin.

Electrical muscle stimulation strengthens and sculpts muscles

At the same time, low frequency electrical pulses (EMS) are delivered to the muscle to simulate involuntary contractions. EMS optimises cellular metabolism and the regeneration of muscle fibres, which strengthens the muscle for a more toned appearance.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Group 176
    Tighten skin
  • Group 176
    Reduce fat permanently
  • Group 176
    Strengthen and tone muscles
  • Group 176
    Comfortable and effective
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Evolve X: Woman demonstrating skincare routine, pulling skin on arm gently for youthful appearance

What areas can EvolveX target?

Because of the EMS, EvolveX is used on areas where major muscle groups are located. These areas include:
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  • Group 176
  • Group 176
  • Group 176
    Upper Arms
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  • Group 176
    Inner & Outer thighs

frequently asked questions

EvolveX is a safe treatment that delivers effective results. To ensure that safe bulk heating from the RF energy, built-in audible indicators in the Transform mode applicators provide real-time updates as the tissue reaches the optimal temperature.

No matter your body type, EvolveX can be an effective treatment in helping you achieve your desired results. This treatment is ideal for active individuals who struggle with stubborn pockets of fat, loose skin or those who want to further improve muscle definition.
Multiple treatments are required before you see significant results, although the number of treatment sessions required depends on the patient and the treatment area(s). Generally, 6 – 8 sessions are recommended for optimum results. At Mizu, we believe in curating a holistic programme for each patient based on their individual concerns and goals. Every patient will undergo a consultation with our doctors to assess their suitability and understand their goals before a treatment plan is recommended. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach, and various body procedures like Cooltech and Onda may be paired together for the best results.
There is no downtime for this treatment and patients can go about their daily activities after. Minor soreness may occur during post-treatment for those targeting abdominal or gluteal muscles, similar to how you would feel after an intense workout. This soreness will go away after a few days of treatment and is completely manageable.
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