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Regain your youth.

What is Ellansé and why the craze over it?

We lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 29.
Collagen is one of the important component of our skin that maintains tightness, firmness, and suppleness.
As we lose collagen over time, it leads to loose saggy skin, wrinkles and lines, and overall dull skin. Our facial fat also starts to disappear and migrate to unwanted locations on the face, thus contributing to a significant loss of volume on the face.

Ellansé works differently to traditional hyaluronic acid fillers, which only address lines, wrinkles and folds by filling up lost volume. Thanks to Ellansé’s unique properties, it not only removes lines and wrinkles, it also stimulates your own collagen to reverse the underlying causes of facial aging.

How do Ellanse fillers work?

Ellanse fillers are made of precisely engineered microspheres from a biodegrable, synthetic material called polycaprolactone (PCL), which are homogeneously suspended in a tailor-made aqueous Carboxy-methylcellulose (CMC) gel-carrier. *note: traditional fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid.

Like traditional fillers, Ellanse fills up the volume-deficient areas on our faces immediately.

At the same time, the PCL microspheres present in Ellanse stimulates neocollagenesis, resulting in long lasting volumization as your body produces collagen to replace the fillers which are reabsorbed naturally by your body over time. This fights against, and slows down further effects of aging.

How long will results last?

The immediate results you get after the treatment can last from anywhere between 1 to 4 years. The longevity of the fillers depends on which type of Ellanse fillers the doctor recommends after an assessment of your needs.

There are 4 types of Ellanse fillers; Ellanse S, M, L, and E. The differences between the 4 would be longevity / reabsorption rate by the body.

All 4 types can be used on the same areas on the face, and Ellanse fillers are fully absorbed by the skin and body after the stated longevity period.

Which areas can Ellanse be used for?

Are there any side-effects and is Ellansé safe?

Ellansé is safe as it is fully reabsorbed by the body after the stated longevity period, and most side effects one can get are injection-related, like mild swelling, bruising and soreness. These are temporary, and will resolve with no issues.

A word of caution – as Ellansé is non-dissolvable, it is better to play on the safe side and start with a conservative amount of Ellansé and minimise the risk of over-doing. It is important to find an experienced doctor you trust to perform the procedure on you.

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