Our Doctors

Dr Paul Yow

MBBS (University of Monash, Australia)
GDFM (National University of Singapore)
Dip Dermatology (Cardiff, United Kingdom)


Dr Paul Yow graduated with an MBBS from Monash University. He furthered his interests in family medicine, and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM) from NUS.

With growing interest in medical aesthetics, he took up courses with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (Korean Threadlift) and is currently pursuing a diploma in Dermatology with Cardiff University, UK.

About Dr Paul Yow

Due to his approachable and gentle nature, Dr Paul Yow builds good connections with his patients, and is careful and detailed. He maintains an affable side while being respectful, and takes time to understand his patients’ needs.

Dr Paul Yow is also a family physician with the Register of Family Physicians in Singapore, and has a keen interest in tackling skin issues!

Clinical Interest

During his Dermatology posting in Changi General Hospital and his time as a family physician in Raffles Medical, Dr Paul found satisfaction from his patients regaining confidence after recovering from acne and other skin conditions.

He believes that one would feel best when they look best. Having found passion in helping people put forward the most confident version of themselves, he took the dive into medical aesthetics at Mizu, joining Dr YZ Tan his team.

Other Interests

Aside from work, he enjoys diving and rock climbing, especially bouldering. Happily married, Dr Paul loves spending his time with his family, and spoiling his two dogs, Castle and Poncho, with walks and toys!

P.S. He once won 2nd place at an amateur KTV contest, but has since “retired’ and reserves his talent for bathroom singing and his two dogs!

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