Dr. Joanna Chan

Dr. Joanna Chan

MBBS (Singapore)
MMed (Family Medicine) (Singapore)
Dip Prac Derm (Cardiff, UK)


Dr. Joanna Chan graduated from the National University of Singapore and went on to complete
Residency training, obtaining her Masters in Family Medicine and Diploma in Practical Dermatology.
She has also completed a Diploma course with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
and is accredited by the Singapore Medical Council Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee to
perform aesthetic procedures. Apart from aesthetic medicine, she has clinical experience in various
specialties including Dermatology, Surgery and Primary Care.

Dr. Joanna Chan regards the skin as the most fascinating yet misunderstood organ of the human body—
besides being our largest organ, it has many complex functions, and can affect our health, confidence and general well-being! It also requires proper care to glow and look its best. It is with this in mind that she chose aesthetic medicine to guide her patients in an individualized, holistic journey towards healthier and more youthful-looking skin. She believes in practicing sound, evidence-based aesthetic medicine and keeps abreast of the latest technology and advancements in the field of aesthetics and anti-ageing solutions by attending both local and international conferences.


When not at the clinic, you may find Dr. Joanna at one of the community hospices, where she
provides inpatient palliative care once a week. Or perhaps she may be at the dance studio, her happy place outside of work, practising her lines and pointed toes.

You can find Dr. Joanna Chan on instagram at @drjoannachan