What is Dermalift?

Dermalift is a skin tightening procedure using an innovative injection technique with Dysport (Botulinum Toxin). Developed by renowned South Korean Plastic surgeon Dr Lee Yong Sok, the Dermalift procedure gives an instant tightening and face-lifting effect.

How does it work?

This technique was first developed by Dr Lee in order to avoid the possible side-effects of a ‘frozen’ face with excessive Botox. The Dermalift procedure works by injecting diluted Dysport intra-dermally (into the skin layer), instead of into the facial muscles. This results in stimulation of the fibroblast cells in the skin layer to cause tightening of collagen fibres.

The tightening of collagen fibres gives a lifting effect to the face when the Dermalift is done on specific points. Additionally, pores are also tightened and skin becomes tighter. Overall, a fresher, younger outlook can be achieved with the Dermalift procedure.

What can you expect?

  • Tighter skin
  • Reduction in wrinkles with natural expressions
  • Mini non-surgical facelift effect
  • Smaller pores

How is it different from regular Botox?

Regular Botox injections are targeted at facial muscles. A dermalift procedure targets intra-dermal (within the skin layer) points.

A regular Botox procedure is used mostly for wrinkles at one specific target area, i.e the frown lines, whereas the Dermalift procedure is used for an overall reduction in lines with a tightening and lifting effect of the whole face.

Why do it with us?

Having not once, but twice, attended Dr Lee’s Advanced Masterclass on Dysport and his Dermalift technique, Dr. YZ Tan has adapted this innovative technique and added it to his range of services.

At Mizu, we believe in achieving maximum results with the latest technique and technology. With Dermalift adapted by Dr Tan, this is exactly what you will be rewarded with.

Is it painful?

Numbing cream is applied and the procedure is done with extremely fine needles. This ensures that there is minimal or no discomfort at all during the whole procedure.

How long would results last?

It is recommended that the procedure be done 3 times a year, with increasingly better results after each procedure.

Is it safe? Are there long term side effects?

There are no long term side effects. Minor side effects such as tiny injection marks might last for about a day.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime is required for the Dermalift procedure. You can go about your normal activities after the procedure looking fresher and younger.