What causes dark eye circles and eye bags?

As we age, muscles around the eyes weaken and the skin around becomes loose. Fat pads around the eyes start drooping as the muscle and skin holding them up weakens and these accumulate to form eye bags.

Dark eye circles are mainly due to leaky capillaries, pigmentations, and the loss of volume under the eyes which creates a shadow.

What can be done?

Fillers are usually the mainstay solution for dark eye circles and eye bags. Laser procedures can help but effects are usually not as satisfying, and would also require multiple sessions.

Many people have this line/groove that extends from the inner eye all the way down to the top of the cheek – these are tear troughs. Fillers are used to fill up the lost volume under the eyes to give a very much more rejuvenated look.

Why does Dr. YZ. Tan advocate fillers for dark eye circles?

  • Immediate dramatic results
  • Safe and mostly pain-free
  • Lasting results
  • More importantly, a new filler uniquely designed for under eye area

What is this new under eye filler?

Teosyal Redensity IIa breakthrough in terms of under-eyes fillers.

From Swiss-based Teoxane Laboratories, Teosyal Redensity II (RDII) is the newest, most comprehensive filler for dark eye circles and eye bags. A mixture of crossed-linked and non cross-linked Hyaluronic acid gives RDII the ability for both deep filling of volume loss or superficial filling of fine lines under the eyes.

What’s most amazing about this filler is the ingredients that have been added into it. Usual fillers contain purely Hyaluronic acid. With Teosyal RDII, amino acids(8 different kinds), minerals, and most importantly Vitamin B6 and Glutathion have been engineered and formulated into the filler.

Vitamin B6 and Glutathion in RDII has been shown to make skin fairer and lighter, resulting in lightening of dark eye circles by not only filling up lost volume, but by also lightening of the skin around the area.

Will everyone be using Teosyal RDII?

Patients without significant dark eye circles can also choose to use Teosyal RDII. Alternatively, Restylane Vital and Belotero Balance hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can also be used to fill up volume loss under the eyes.

Is it painful?

With lidocaine (a numbing solution) in most fillers, together with numbing cream over the area, under-eye fillers are very comfortable. Dr Tan utilises a cannula, which is a blunt needle for this procedure and is nearly painless.

Is it safe?

With a blunt needle, delicate structures around the eye will not be damaged during the procedure and reduces the risk of any injury to surrounding tissues.

There might be slight swelling after the procedure which last for about 1-2 hours.

Why do it with us?

As mentioned, Dr Tan utilises a cannula for the injection of under-eye fillers. This ensures that any risk during the procedure is cut down to the minimum and also prevents any bruising that can occur with sharp needles.

Dr Tan believes that under-eye fillers should be injected at both a deep and superficial plane for maximum results. Deep injections are used to fill up lost volume, while superficial injections smoothen out fine lines and reduce dark eye circles. Coupled with the latest product in under-eye fillers (Teosyal RDII), Dr Tan’s expertise in under-eye filler procedures will yield immediate long-lasting results.

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