Cooltech Fat Freezing Treatment

Cooltech: 360º full-body contouring

Freeze and Remove Stubborn Fats Permanently

Many of us have stubborn fats that we struggle to get rid of, even with vigorous exercise or weight loss regimes. Enter Cooltech, a non-invasive full-body contouring treatment that gets rid of stubborn pockets of fats without you having to break a sweat.

What is Cooltech?

Cooltech is a non-invasive fat-freezing treatment that reduces stubborn pockets of fat safely and permanently. Using cryoadipolysis, an advanced controlled cooling technology, cold energy is safely delivered to fat cells to freeze them to death for your body to expel naturally and permanently.

Effective in circumferential reduction, Cooltech targets all parts of the body, even hard-to-reach areas, with the help of 9 applicators of different shapes, sizes and contours.

Cooltech Fat Freezing Machine Device
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How does it work?

Cooltech uses cryoadipolysis technology to initiate a process called apoptosis, where frozen fat cells are broken down and permanently destroyed.

Using an adjustable vacuum applicator to selectively target localised stubborn fat pockets, Cooltech freezes fat cells to -8ºC and causes approximately up to 25 per cent of them to die. The fat cells will then be naturally eliminated via your body’s natural metabolic processes over the next 6 to 12 weeks.

During this freezing process, only the fat cells are damaged. This is because these cells have a lower freezing point than skin cells, which means the cold energy can reach the fat cells safely without affecting the surrounding tissue. Cooling gel pads are also used during the procedure to further protect and prevent the skin from any ice burns.
Cryolipolysis process

What areas can Cooltech target?

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    Thighs (inner & outer)
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frequently asked questions

Like Coolsculpting, the pioneering fat-freezing technology in the market, Cooltech utilises the same mechanism of cryolipolysis to get rid of fat cells non-invasively.

Cooltech, however, has 9 applicators of different shapes, sizes and contours which targets all parts of the body, allowing for true 360º body contouring, unlike other machines.

What sets Cooltech apart is also its use of 4 applicators that allow multiple body areas to be targeted in a single session, unlike its predecessors that have only a maximum of 2. This makes Cooltech more effective and time efficient, which in turn also makes it a more affordable option.

Yes, the safety and efficacy of cryoadipolysis has been proven through extensive clinical studies and the treatment has been performed on millions of patients worldwide.

The device also comes with temperature sensors inside the handpieces that help to monitor the temperature while a controlled cooling system allows the tissue to reach the optimal temperature to destroy fat cells without harming any of the surrounding areas. A patented RFID CoolTech Gel Pads further guarantees safety during the treatment by protecting the skin.

Cooltech is a good procedure for those who have noticeable bulges and stubborn fat. Candidates, however, should have at least 2.5cm of pinchable fat in the areas they want to target in order to be suitable for the treatment.

There are instances too where patients will not be suitable for Cooltech. This will be assessed during a consultation with our doctors.

The number of treatment sessions required depends on the patient’s goals and the area(s) to treat).

With Cooltech, patients can achieve visible results from just one treatment with a reduction of up to 25 per cent of fat in the treatment area. Most patients will start seeing results within 6 weeks, with optimum results at 12 weeks. If repeat sessions are required, there should be at least four weeks of recovery for treatment of the same area.

To maximise and maintain results, patients are also recommended exercise regularly and follow a low-calorie diet that is also low in saturated fats.

At Mizu, we believe in curating a holistic programme for each patient based on their individual concerns and goals. Every patient will undergo a consultation with our doctors to assess their suitability and understand their goals before a treatment plan is recommended. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach, and various body devices like Onda and EvolveX may be paired together for the best results.

The area(s) to be treated will first be sanitised and marked out before the most appropriate handle is chosen.

The cooling gel pad will be applied over the skin before the applicators are placed over the treatment zones. The treatment will last 70 minutes, followed by a massage over the treated areas.

There is no downtime and patients can resume daily activities right after treatment. There will, however, be a slight decrease in sensation in the treatment area which usually subsides within a few hours. There may also be some numbness and tenderness which should resolve within a few days.

Patients should avoid physical activity or exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures right after the treatment.

Cooltech can be a form of permanent fat reduction with proper care, diet and lifestyle after treatment. Poor diet, lack of exercise or hormonal changes may affect long-term results. A maintenance treatment may be advisable should any weight gain occur. 

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