Woman receiving laser treatment on her face. Advanced laser treatments for smoother, rejuvenated skin.

10 things you should know before getting a laser treatment

Lasers are safe and effective treatments for pigmentation when used correctly…

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Doctor performing pigmentation treatment on woman's face to reduce dark spots and improve skin tone.

An Honest Doctor’s Guide to Treating Pigmentation

Pigmentation is caused by the production of melanin in our skin. The darker our skin colour, the more pigment/melanin…

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Before and after skin pigmentation treatment results on woman's face, showcasing remarkable improvement.

Skin Pigmentation: 7 Things You Need To Know

It is important to identify the type of pigmentation you have in order to get a safe and effective skin pigmentation…

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Transformed woman showcasing remarkable results after Q switched laser treatments - radiant skin achieved!

Common FAQs for Q-Switched Laser Treatments

A Q-Switched Laser (aka Q-Switched Nd-Yag Laser) is used in various types of procedures. The laser is a beam of energy…

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