Back & Body Acne Treatment

Back and Body Acne on Woman Facing Backwards

What causes back and body acne?

Body acne develops in a similar way to facial acne. However, the skin on the body can be thicker than that on the face and often has larger pores, making for more severe acne at times.

Similar to traditional acne, back (Bacne) and chest acne can also be caused by stress and hormones. Back and chest acne can also occur due to the clothing that we wear and our daily activities. Perspiration and tight fitting clothing are factors that can explain why many physically active men and women are prone to back (Bacne) and chest acne. Synthetic materials such as Lycra and Polyester trap in perspiration which then mixes with surface oils. This results in clogged pores and may cause whiteheads and pimples.

“Have you ever loved a low back dress so much but knew that you wouldn’t feel confident in it due to the spots on your back?
Back acne or body acne, also known as “Bacne” tends to form on the back, upper arms and the chest and can take several forms: pimples, blackheads, pustules and cysts, which are painful and form deep under the skin’s surface.”

How do the treatments for back acne work?

The Carbon Laser Peel and Accelera Acne Laser treatment used to treat facial acne can also effectively be used to eliminate and prevent back and body acne.

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    Accelera acne laser
    The main component used to treat active acne is the Quasi Long-pulsed 1064nm wavelength laser from the QX MAX machine. With the Quasi Long-pulsed combined with the Q-switched mode, this treatment works by effectively killing P-acne bacteria which cause acne outbreaks. The long-pulsed mode of the laser also causes a reduction on facial hairs which results in less clogged pores and clearer skin.

    The added benefit of combining the Q-switched mode also rejuvenates the skin, clearing debris, and brightening the skin.
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    Back Carbon Laser Peel
    Combining the use of the 1064nm q-switched laser, the carbon laser peel can clear active acne and also smoothening the skin for a clear and smooth back. Carbon gel is used instead of the tradition carbon powder suspension to ensure more even application and penetration into the skin.

    This treatment is used to target active acne and smoothen imperfections as the carbon gel penetrates into pores, thus allowing the laser to focus its energy more effectively.
Female patient receiving a relaxing back acne treatment, targeting clear and healthy skin.

frequently asked questions

We would expect you to see clearance of active acne, a more even skin tone, improved skin texture, and also reduction in previous acne scars.

The laser feels like a gentle “warm prickling” sensation on the skin and is not painful. However, areas of the skin with active acne might be a little more sensitive to pain during treatment. The feeling is equivalent to touching a swollen pimple repeatedly.

The Accelera Laser has minimal downtime. Like most lasers at Mizu, it does not break the continuity in skin tissue during treatment. 

There might be mild flushing and redness of the treated area which usually resolves after about 30-60 mins. However, like all medical treatments, there is a chance of side effects and complications.

Depending on the severity of your acne, it may require 2-5 treatment sessions. Each session is done about 2-4 weeks apart. 

At Mizu, we believe in an individually tailored aesthetics program where one would be recommended a series of treatments that can include combination treatments. Depending on severity, patients with acne problems can choose one of our individually tailored programs to include both the Accelera Laser acne treatment together with a Carbon Laser Peel for better results.

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