5 Ways to Get that Korean Look


Three individuals with a Korean aesthetic, embodying the essence of 'Korean look' in modern style and elegance

The Korean look is a much sought after aesthetic, popularised by the countless artistes or Idols that came flooding in our doors with the Korean Wave.

Most of us can readily list the essential features for the ideal Korean look; Straight eyebrows, soft eyes, a petite nose, ‘natural’ pink lips and perhaps the hallmark of modern day Korean beauty – bouncy, dewy skin. Most of us also know the fact that some of these features just don’t come by naturally for everyone, not even for the Idols.

In this article, Dr. Tan is going to examine the faces of some of our favorite Idols and advise us on what can be done, without plastic surgery, to achieve such a look.

Kim Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) & Kim Hyuna (4Minute)

1 – Bouncier, Dewier, “Korean” Skin

Skinboosters + Botox + Q-Switched Laser

Common amongst these women is the supple, radiance of their skin. Korean stars have skin that consistently look dewy and bouncy!

The best way to achieve such skin is through a combination of Skinboosters, Growth Factors and Botox (Minimise pores, reduce oil production and makes the skin more elastic), all injected into the skin. Also, a Q-Switched laser treatment would help rejuvenate the skin and make it more even.

2 – A Higher Nose Bridge

Nose Fillers

Taeyeon also has a high nose bridge, which makes the face look more 3-dimensional. A high nose bridge can also create the illusion of a smaller, slimmer nose without going under the knife.

This can easily be achieved with non-surgical nose fillers, injected to the nose bridge for added height, and to the base of the nose to make it look slimmer. Another alternative to achieve this is to use nose threadlifts.

3 – A Softer Jaw


Although Taeyeon doesn’t have the typical pointed chin that’s popular now, the softness of her jaw works in her favour because of her long face – A sharper chin would elongate her face even more.

If one really wishes to slim the jaw, Dr. Tan suggests using Botulinum toxin (Botox) instead of chin fillers for a subtler effect.

4 – A Sharper Face

Ultraformer HIFU + Venus Viva Nanofractional Radio Frequency

On the other hand, Hyuna has a very sharp face, combined with high cheekbones accentuating the very sultry persona she has.

There are many tried and tested ways to achieve this look but most involve injectables. Dr. Tan recommends the Ultraformer HIFU in combination with Venus Viva on the lower face. This will sharpen the jawline, chin as well as lift your cheeks without needles.

Or for faster results, chin fillers would immediately lengthen and sharpen the jaw.

Lee Min Ho

5 – Lesser Open Pores, Lesser Acne Scars

Fractional CO2 Laser / Venus Viva Nanofractional Radio Frequency

Men are a bit different, they are more prone to oily skin and therefore acne breakouts and scarring. According to the Dr. Tan, when it comes to a man’s skin, he is most concerned about open pores and/or acne scars. Even Lee Min Ho isn’t immune to the burden of a slight uneven skin texture.

The solution is fairly simple – a Fractional CO2 Laser, Venus Viva or a combination of both.

Men can also benefit from Botox under the skin to greatly reduce oil production.

Please note that there’s no same solution to everyone to achieve the same results. It is recommended to consult Dr. Tan to find out which procedures would be best suited for you, according to your needs and skin type!

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