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Meet the Ultraformer HIFU III

Mizu has been recognized as one of the top 3 users of the Ultraformer HIFU in Singapore!

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Nose Threadlift or Nose Fillers?

One of our most requested procedures - a simple nose threadlift or filler can change your look so much! So what are you suitable for, and why?

Beauty with Heart

Mizu Aesthetic

Located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Mizu Aesthetic Clinic Singapore opened their doors in 2015, lead by Dr. YZ Tan. Formerly known as Simplistiq, it was renamed to “Mizu“, meaning “water” in Japanese, to reflect his love for diving and the ocean.

At Mizu, we believe that the personal pursuit of beauty should be experienced like a journey, or a friendship. The Japanese way of hospitality, “omotenashi“, means taking pride in anticipating needs, and serving guests whole-heartedly – is what we model ourselves after. We place importance in serving beauty with heart.

Mizu Aesthetic Clinic Singapore started off with a lean team of 3, and has since expanded to a team of 2 doctors and 6 staff, as well as 2 other affiliated clinics, Aeras & Terra, with focuses on skin and hair respectively. With 4 doctors across 3 clinics, fair prices, and a firm stand against hard-selling, we will always try to do our best for you, advise you, and walk alongside you on your journey to self-improvement. We await to hear from you. ; )

Blog Post: Are you paying for the right HIFU?

What’s the difference between $400 and $1,500 HIFUS? Does it really need to be done that many times? Does it hurt?

Learn 7 things about the HIFU from Dr. YZ Tan before you get it done!

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Acne & Acne Marks

The Fotona QSwitched Laser is a nano-second Nd:YAG Laser which treats pigmentation, acne marks, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and also helps to kill p-acne bacteria.

QSwitched Laser
Trial at $150

Melasma, Pigmentation

As the key opinion leader for Discovery Pico, Dr. YZ Tan has developed and trained our doctors on a certain protocol for pigmentation. Made in Italy, the Quanta Discovery Pico has the highest peak power amongst all the pico-second lasers out there in the market, such as the PicoSure, PicoWay and PicoPlus.

Discovery Pico Laser
Trial at $215

Acne Scars & Enlarged Pores

Looking for something to get rid of enlarged pores and acne scarring? Our skin resurfacing treatments range between TCA Cross for ice-pick scarring, subcisions to cut off scar tissue causing dents, Rejuran Healer to aid bio-remodelling of collagen as well as Fractional procedures to even out skin and shrink enlarged pores.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments
from $380

Dull Skin & Redness

One of our favorites, the Pro-Yellow Laser doesn't just help fade certain types of pigmentation, it is great at brightening up dull skin and fading away those pesky redness around your nose and chin! It can also be done on patients prone to redness and flushing on the face.

ProYellow Laser
Trial at $180
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Discover our trio of clinics

From Hair at Terra to Acne at Aeras,
we’ve got you covered under the Mizu team of clinics.

Terra Medical Clinic Singapore
Hair Restoration
Terra Medical

With over 20 years of combined experience from Dr. Joshua Chong and his capable hair restoration team, Terra has been making their mark in the industry with their hair restoration techniques and transplants!

Mizu Aesthetic Clinic Singapore
Augmentation, Anti-aging & Skin
Mizu Medical

Starting out in 2015 at a small space in Marina Bay Link Mall, Dr. YZ Tan have since rebranded and expanded Mizu Aesthetic Clinic Singapore with the inclusion of another doctor to serve our customers better!

Aeras Medical Clinic Singapore
Acne & Skin
Aeras Medical

Conveniently located in Orchard, Aeras provides an alternative to our customers who prefer someplace out of the CBD. Focusing on skin and acne conditions, our team will put you at ease with our warm service!

Meet the team

Our Doctors

Dr Tan Ying Zhou / YZ Tan photo
Dr. Tan Ying Zhou

Founder & Medical Director of Mizu, Dr. Tan Ying Zhou (Dr. YZ Tan) set up his first clinic in 2015. He is the KOL for Discovery Pico Laser, and also the trainer for both Neurotoxin Treatments and Restylane.

Dr Chloe Ho Picture
Dr. Chloe Ho

A passion for aesthetic treatments combined with an eye for beauty, Dr. Chloe Ho believes in utilizing minimally invasive procedures to achieve maximal results for her patients.