What is the Venus Viva Nanofractional RF?

At Mizu, we use the Venus Viva Nanofractional Radiofrequency for u multipolar radiofrequency treatments. This treatment aims to rejuvenate and treat acne scarring, open pores, stretch marks, and keloid scars. At the same time, the deep heating effect of the radiofrequency heats up and remodels collagen in our skin. This causes the skin to tighten and light, further improving the results of reducing scarring and open pores.

There is significant reduction in the depth of acne scars and stretch marks, and the size and texture of open pores.

Venus Viva
Your solution to getting rid of deep acne scars and open pores 

What can I expect from this treatment?

You will see marked reduction of wrinkles, shrinking of pores, flattening of scars, and a smoother skin texture.

How is the Venus Viva Nanofractional RF performed?

After cleansing the face thoroughly, a layer of numbing cream is used to reduce discomfort during the procedure. The treatment only takes about 15 – 20 minutes, after which we will apply a cooling gel mask to soothe the face.

Are there any side effects?

Your skin will experience some redness and will feel warm for a few hours. You will also experience some dryness and peeling of the skin for the following 2 – 3 days. However, you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure without any hassle.

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