Free yourself from embarrassing underarm sweat & odour!

Ever experienced underarm sweat stains or be worried about unpleasant body odour during an important meeting or at a big social event? Ever ran out of deodorant or antiperspirant right before heading out?

Unpleasant body odour or sweat stains can leave you embarrassed or self-conscious around people, making business or social contact awkward.

What is hyperhidrosis and what causes excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating beyond normal body limits. Excessive sweating most commonly occur at the underarms area and the palms. Excessive sweating, especially at the underarms, can cause body odour which is often distressing enough to impair those who are affected both physically and psychologically.

The cause of excessive sweating is unknown. Some medical studies claim it is caused by excessive activity of the nervous system. Nervousness or excitement tends to exacerbate the problem.

What is miraDry? 

The miraDry device is the only clinically proven, FDA cleared medical treatment to permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands.

With the miraDry procedure, accurate, controlled microwave energy is delivered to the dermal-fat interface (where the sweat glands are under our skin), effectively eliminating the sweat and odour glands, effectively destroying them. A hydro-ceramic cooling system in the miraDry keeps the “heated zone” at the level of sweat glands, thus protecting the outer layer and surface of the skin. The skin remains intact and unharmed after the procedure.

how miradry works

Achieve satisfactory results with just one treatment

Previously, the miraDry has always been a two-treatment procedure. The treatments are done with an interval of 3 months apart.

Quick, Non-Invasive, No Surgery Required
A new protocol has been developed by Miramar Labs, the manufacturer of miraDry. The new protocol incorporates high volume anaesthesia before the procedure, and therefore allows a higher energy setting to be used during the treatment. Due to the higher energy settings, patients see good results with even just 1 treatment. Procedures done at the higher energy settings have shown a 70% reduction in sweat and odour, and many patients are satisfied with it and undergo only 1 treatment.

Who benefits most from the treatments?

  • If you experience excessive sweating at the underarms
  • If you suffer from unpleasant body odour
  • If you like a sweat-stained free at throughout the day

Or if you are a working adult who face clients and have frequent meetings, then you may be a good candidate for the miraDry procedure. Find more information about what results you can expect from miraDry on their official website!

Want to learn more about miraDry for the treatment of excessive sweating?
Below are links to relevant articles and abstracts published in medical journals:

What can I expect from this treatment?

Permanent elimination or a significant reduction from sweating at the underarm areas.

Will the treatment be painful?

Local anaesthesia is used during the treatment and there will be no pain. A warm sensation will be felt during the procedure.

Will there be downtime?

There is minimal downtime for this treatment. Patient will experience mild swelling and ache around the treatment area for a few days, and are advised to avoid strenuous activities or exercise for a week after the procedure.

Can the miraDry be done for sweaty palms and feet?

Unfortunately, the miraDry’s handpiece is only designed for the underarms. Sweaty palms and feet can be very effectively treated with Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections. However, Botox injections are not permanent and typically last for about 10-12 months.

Botox injections can also be used for the underarms area to treat excessive sweating and odour.