What is Fractional Laser Micropeel?

The Fractional Laser Micropeel is performed with a fractionated laser at a milder setting. The Laser Micropeel provides overall skin rejuvenation by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimising pore size and refining skin tone and texture.

How does it work?

The laser works by vaporising the topmost layer of dead skin cells and creating microscopic ‘holes’ in the deeper layer of the skin. After the Laser Micropeel, the skin will repair and heal by producing collagen and new skin cells. Collagen helps skin maintain its elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines, while the shedding of old damaged skin reveals new younger looking skin.

What is it used for?

The Laser Micropeel is used for;

  • pore reduction
  • skin renewal and brightening
  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Is it safe?

Yes, this treatment is very safe.

Is it painful?

Numbing cream is applied before the procedure and you will not feel anything during the procedure.

Will there be downtime?

As the Laser Micropeel is performed at a milder setting compared to usual ablative lasers, it has a much shorter downtime. There is a mild pinkish flush/redness for about 1 – 2 days and your skin might feel slightly rough during the renewal phase.

During this period it’s best to avoid make-up and apply ample amounts of moisturiser. Also, do avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for about a week or two.