The ARApeel is a new concept of rejuvenating peel, recently procured by Dr. Tan from Korea.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The ARApeel, unlike traditional chemical peels, is suitable for even very sensitive skin as it only targets selectively on dead skin cells and old keratin, while leaving healthy skin intact.

AraPeel Rejuvenating Peel For Sensitive Skin From Korea

Difference between Chemical Peel and ARApeel for Sensitive Skin

Traditionally, chemical peels are typically TCA, Glycolic, or Salicylic acid peels. These chemical peels work by removing the outer layers of the skin to improve overall skin appearance and treat specific conditions. These chemicals target both dead skin cells and new skin cells at the same time.

Unlike traditional chemical peels, the ARApeel does not contain any chemicals. Its main ingredient, a natural enzyme called Arazyme, is derived from the Golden orb-web spider. Arazyme is a natural proteolytic enzyme which selectively targets on only dead skin cells & bacteria, which means it leaves healthy skin cells intact. This results in more targeted results, lesser downtime, decrease skin sensitivity, and allows combination treatments with lasers.

How does it work?

The ARApeel works by:

  • removing only unnecessary and harmful old keratin (dead skin cells) by biological peeling.
  • provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • promotes skin metabolism and renewal.
  • containing vitamins and hydrating agents which will otherwise be broken down in traditional chemical peels.

What is it for? 

Skin texture and tone – the selective removal of dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt evens out skin texture and appearance. The active enzyme also stimulates skin metabolism and helps increase firmness and elasticity as it hydrates, moisturizes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Acne – Used in conjunction with manual extractions and 583nm LED light treatments, the ARApeel is an effective treatment for acne. ARApeel targets and kills bacteria which causes acne, and at the same time reduces inflammation and redness.

The ARApeel also cleans and unclog pores, preventing formation of acne.

Unlike traditional chemical peels, the ARApeel does not harm healthy skin and allows a combination of treatments such as with lasers or LED light to improve results for acne treatment when necessary.

Skin maintenance – Ingredients such as Arazyme in ARApeel keeps skin resilient and clean by activating metabolism of the skin for accelerated skin renewal. By removing old keratin without harming healthy skin, it promotes percutaneous absorption of active ingredients in treatments or daily cosmetics.

Is there any downtime?

Again unlike traditional chemical peels, the ARApeel has no downtime or redness. It also does not make the skin flake or dry as healthy skin is not damaged.

Is it painful?

Since healthy skin is spared, there is very minimal sensation during the procedure.